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The wisdom of the IEI Council thought it fit to establish the Rural Development Forum (RDF) by a Resolution in the 530th meeting of the Council on 12 August 1985 and clearly laid down the Statues for function of the Forum.

A review of the RDF activities in the recent past vis-a-vis the objectives in the Statute:

RDF activities have focused on knowledge of basic science and its applications in rural areas which included improving quality of life in the rural areas using rural resources. Providing safe drinking water, technology of preservation of food, awareness for better health and livelihood are examples of ongoing RDF activities.

RDF organized and has planned to organize awareness programmes for dissemination of information to appropriate application of engineering in development programmes. 

Engineering for development is intimately related with society and environment. RDF, through its programmes, looks into engineering with social and environmental bias. 

RDF organized programmes pertaining to sustainable developments with Global Water Alliance, USA which was participated by many countries and different States of India. Water Management Forum of IEI joined and addressed the programme as a partner. That apart, RDF organized joint programmes with Tripura State Centre, Panchayat Bodies, Educational Institutions and various NGOs.    

RDF undertook joint programmes with Tripura State Centre, Durgapur Local Centre and Water Management Forum and approached different Centres for joining RDF to organize programmes on common objectives. Response from Centres, other than Tripura, is awaited.